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Interview Expenses
Be more competitive with a great candidate

It used to be enough to have the best benefits, coolest office space, or the yummiest snacks, but those things aren’t swaying candidates anymore. Potential employees care about how they will be treated if they join the team and if they’ll have a voice at the company. And that impression begins during the hiring process.

Make a strong first impression with Abacus

Instead of waiting months to reimburse candidates for their flight, hotel, or meals, you can swiftly pay them back directly into their bank account within 2 business days. You’ve avoided frustrations for both candidates and internal operations by simplifying a once tedious process.

Quick and Hassle-free Onboarding

Administrators only need an email address to add candidates to the system and the candidate simply enters their bank account information. They can begin submitting expenses and getting reimbursed immediately.

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Customized Expense Policy

Create a group in Abacus specifically for interview candidates and customize an expense policy just for them. It will automatically enforce per diems or require receipts before an expense can be submitted, cutting down on confusion and errors.

Abacus - Customizable Expense Policy
Seamless Reimbursements

Once an expense is submitted, an administrator only needs to hit the approve button. The reimbursement is processed within 48 hours and sent directly to the candidates attached bank account via ACH transfer.

Abacus - Approve Expenses
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