What is Real Time Expense Reporting?

Imagine if you could curate your own expense approval workflow, organizing expenses by their context to power through your inbox. Real time expense reporting software catalogs expenses, providing you with access to advanced data to make approvals lightening fast and your reporting answer questions you actually have.

How does real time expense reporting work?

Managing employee expenses is a fluid process from capturing an expense all the way through to your bookkeeping, eliminating bottlenecks and delays. Every expense is automatically indexed in our reporting engine which powers Abacus insights, giving you access to the benefits and features you can only get in a real time system.

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Features You Only Get with Real Time Software

No more expense reports to compile, sift through or make sense of.
Employee notified of policy violations before an expense can be submitted.
Each detail of every expense is indexed for better search and reporting.
Create custom expense views to apply context and speed up approving.
Continuously sync expenses in either cash or accrual method to your accounting software.
On-demand visibility and management of your corporate card program.
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