Case Study: Pinterest

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2 days
Average Reimbursement Time

Learn why Pinterest uses Abacus to reimburse interview candidates

Pinterest wanted a modern recruiting experience that reflected their brand.

Previously relying on spreadsheets and receipts from candidates, Pinterest found it challenging to gather all the information needed to reimburse interview expenses. This was a frustrating process for the candidate, as well as the internal human resources and finance teams.

Pinterest wanted to create a first impression for candidates that was reflective of working for a world-class technology company.

By implementing Abacus, Pinterest now provides candidates and internal operations with a modern and friendly experience to submit, approve and reimburse expenses in real time. This has helped them decrease the span of time between submitting an expense and getting reimbursed down to 2 business days, well below the average 40-day process.

“When you’re recruiting world class candidates, you want to present them with your brand from top to bottom. Replacing old school Excel reports with a solution like Abacus comes through in the candidate experience and our brand.”

Scott Clark, Controller, Pinterest

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