Abacus + Lever

A seamless way to reimburse interview candidates

Lever is bridging the gap between recruiters and hiring managers. They help organizations not only recruit, but focus on how to help recruit the best. An integration with Abacus helps Lever customers improve another experience for candidates by simplifying expense reimbursements.

Reimbursing interview candidates can be a painful part of the recruiting process for both recruiters and candidates with email chains, forms, signatures, and mailed checks, sometimes taking a month to complete.

Create a Wow Moment

Make a strong first impression with candidates by using Abacus to provide fast and easy expense reimbursements. With a mobile app that is as easy to use as snapping a photo, onboarding candidates happens in seconds and reimbursement times can be as fast as 2 days.

Adding candidates from Lever to Abacus becomes a natural part of the progression - automatically invite candidates to submit their expenses when they reach a designated stage.

Expense Reporting Software for QuickBooks Online
“A great recruiter wants their candidate experience to be delightful in every way, and having an expense reimbursement tool that looks, feels and functions well is super important. Now, with the new integration between Abacus and Lever the process of reimbursing candidates can be managed as simply as a click."
Andrew Cerda, Heald of Talent at Kinnek

Hassle-free Onboarding

Once invited to Abacus, candidates onboard in under 20 seconds from either web or mobile and begin submitting expenses.

Customized Expense Policy

Set automated limits for interview candidates and the system will warn them for you if they violate your policy.

Direct Deposit Reimbursements

Once an expense is approved, we handle the reimbursement by directly depositing funds into the candidate’s bank account within 2 days.

Configurable Approval Workflow

Classify candidates by location, department and more to route expenses to the correct hiring manager for approval.

Branded Communications

Customize the in-app experience and notifications from Abacus to candidates with your company logo and colors.

Foreign Currency Conversion

Support all of your international candidates with the ability to track expenses in any currency.

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