Case Study: Flexport

Freight Shipping & Management

Average Expenses
per Week
4 minutes
Weekly Submission Time
per Employee

Flexport Delivers Modern Employee T&E Experience with Abacus

Flexport is changing the way that freight moves around the world, so they are no stranger to wanting a modern, more efficient version of a traditional process. With an active sales team constantly traveling the globe to visit prospective and current customers, they began racking up a constant stack of expenses. As they continued to grow, so did the number of receipts for client dinners, flights and hotels.

As a forward thinking company and a cloud-based platform, the thought of using a paper process or holding onto a pile of receipts was daunting. Paper is also never a scalable solution for a growing business, so they knew they wanted another cloud-based solution to process their expenses.

The top of their feature list when selecting a solution was ease of use. Flexport was looking for a painless way to submit and approve expenses because, as a company focused on growth, they didn’t want to spend time doing paperwork or manual data entry that took them away from more productive tasks that could scale the business. The solution also needed to be mobile - with an on-the-go sales team, their employees needed to be able to quickly submit an expense no matter where they were.

“Abacus was the clear winner for a mobile solution that was extremely easy for our team to use. Now everyone is in a good habit of earlier submissions.”

Ryan Petersen, CEO of Flexport

Since switching to Abacus, Flexport has completely streamlined their entire submission process. Employees now submit a week’s worth of expenses in just under 4 minutes and when questions about an expense arise, managers can immediately comment directly on the expense while it’s still fresh in the employee’s mind.

As a data-driven business, Abacus helps Flexport keep their expenses categorized and provide a clear and accurate cash flow position. Flexport is already planning to expand how they use their Abacus data, including analyzing and optimizing the investment it takes to win and maintain client relationships.

However, not all of their expenses are prospect or customer related. As a dog-friendly office, they go through plenty of chow for their four-legged friends. They’ve also expensed a rented popcorn machine and a pirate pinata which now lives in their kitchen.

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